Our Services

At Parkside, not only do you have access to our dedicated team of Packaging experts, you have a range of added value services at your disposal. Navigate the below for just some of the services we offer, or get in touch if you have bespoke requirements and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Bespoke Design & Artwork

We have access to industry-leading packaging technologists and designers, who will work with you to solve your packaging challenges. Their consultative approach will take you right from initial design and requirements, through material selection and testing to ensure you have a product you’re delighted with. Whether your goals are reducing your packaging, switching to more sustainable products, reducing returns or damages, or delivering a fantastic consumer experience; we can support.

Furthermore, we know that in the 21st century, a lot of the perception of your brand will be derived from the packaging a product is supplied in; so our designers will work with you to ensure that the packaging is not only structural and functional, but also is representative of your brand and the values of your business.

packaging manufacturing and conversion

Manufacture & Conversion

Sometimes you just need a a small amount of an item, or have something with tricky dimensions to pack or wrap. At Parkside, we have access to manufacturing and in-house conversion capabilities to meet your requirements. From box manufacturing, to tape rewinding and film conversion, we can do it all. Get in touch with your requirements and put us to the test…


In a cost-conscious world  we know that the space and the resources in your operation become a premium, and the time it takes to consolidate and pack multiple items into a single unit for onward dispatch is a time-consuming task. We’ve been working with our customer base for many years to develop a bespoke and personalised packaging proposition. Your packs of multiple items can be built and assembled out of our 65,000sqft base in Coventry and shipped – saving you space, time and money.

packaging kitting
warehouse stock consignment

Stock Holding & Just In Time services

Business lives or dies these days as a result of the efficiency and scalability of its procurement processes and supply chain. Your ability to deliver to your customers is where trust is gained or lost, and we know you need a partner you can trust to support you in delivering excellence, whilst still saving you space and time in your operation. We offer a service whereby we’ll hold your stock for you, until you need it, and then deliver it as a ‘Just In Time’ service when you get in touch. Saving you space, saving you time, saving you cost, and giving you peace of mind.