At Parkside, we’re passionate about the local, personal service that we’ve been offering to our customer base for over 30 years. Our team live and breathe packaging, and we pride ourselves on being the trusted advisor to our customers that they rely on to solve their packaging problems.


As the packaging industry grows, and the needs of consumers become more complex, we believe strongly that good old-fashioned customer service is the greatest way to ensure your brand succeeds and continues to delight your customers for years to come. We take the time to understand your needs, understand the pressures in your business, and then work with you to build sustainable solutions. Sure, every packaging company says that. But our credibility comes from a long list of long-standing customers, who came to us for innovative solutions but stayed with us because of the service that we provide; all supported by a well-established team at Parkside who have stayed with the business because they live the same values and love serving our customer base.

Why choose us

Our competitors simply can't say the same

So whether you want your regular packaging delivered just in time, every time; whether you have a need for bespoke design, kitting or artwork; whether you want to boost your eco-credentials and offer a more sustainable solution; we have a service to meet and exceed your expectations. And in the rare event that we don’t have a solution in-house, we can draw on the global strength and industry-leading product range of our partners at Antalis Packaging. All offered by a dedicated and loyal account manager, all delivered on our own fleet of vehicles, all delivered flexibly aligned to your needs.